Thursday, February 25, 2010


Greetings Guys,

I must say I've always had the urge to start my own blog but have never actually got down to doing it before. Then again there's lots of things I've set out to do but never got around to doing them and I reckon that makes me a normal guy but never mind that's a story for another day.

So Mr Quillz would like to Welcome you to all to his blog site... Ngegama Elihle leNkosi uJesu (and my friends keep on telling me that i'm not religious). Namkelekile!!!!!


  1. Hola Tower, hehehehehehe. Nam have always whated to do this but i dont know what I will be contributing to the community

  2. Eita Stavo & Friends...

    First, let me apologise for ignoring you guys for such a while. It has been a few hectic weeks. Life at work has been a b***h but hey I have too many bills to just tell my boss where to shove it, so i reckon i will stay here for a while and maybe try to be good boy for the next coming weeks. Remember it's yearly increases in June!!!

    I think I'm just about ready to write my first worthwhile blog after this. I've learnt a lot of useful things these past few weeks that I think might be handy for at least one or two people out there in the big bad world.

    Regards, Quillz